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Lately as I have been visiting my hunting sites and posting on my Facebook groups I have come across a couple of things which have caught my attention. One thing in particular is the excessive goading and badgering back and forth between people on the brands of bows that they shoot. Trust me I know that the bow market is a big industry and you have several vying for the top spot, but should we carry this over into the social media to the point of where we belittle readers and commenters who post their pictures?
At my house we are die hard Bowtech, with my husband shooting one for over 15 years and him getting me a Diamond the last couple of years, but I did not start out with a Diamond, I began on a Parker Sidekick XP and I loved that bow, I harvested 4 whitetail with it the first year out, and never have I done that since. We have good friends who shoot Mathews, and yes I admit we give them the good ole fashion ribbing of them needing to switch as they do us, but it is all in good fun. If there was ever a point that either of us did not know or took offense then it would stop.
What I have seen has stemmed from people telling others they need to stay out of the woods if they are only going to be hunting with a Bear, or a Hoyt. Do they forget that Fred Bear is considered to be the man who made bow hunting what it is today? Sure Parker and Darton may not be advertised as much as mathews and Bowtech, but at a recent Deer and Turkey expo I was at while speaking to the Parker representative he informed me that the philosophy behind Parker was : (to paraphrase)if you make a good product, the name seels itself, and you do not have to spend all that money on advertising. Parker does make a good product, it is a good bow, most come set up, for a decent price, they are fast, they have limbs that can be changed out so that the poundage is easily adjustable and they are great for beginners when you do not want to spend a fortune before knowing if they will stick with the sport or not.
They way I see it is this, no matter what brand name of bow you shoot, each and every one of them is doing the same thing; getting the person up from the couch, out from in front of the video games and into the woods. It is teaching them about the outdoors, giving them a skill and hopefully developing them into a skillful and successful archer and hunter. Not everyone has the same means, while some can afford to spend thousands on a bow, others cannot, does it really matter as long as we all make ethical shots and kills?
Let’s work together, support each other, help each other when needed and remember in the end we are all on the same team:team outdoors!
This is a pic of my first bow: my Parker sidekick XP is generation next pink camo

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2 comments on “Jeana’s Bow Review

  1. Erin loecker

    I agree with you,doesn’t matter the brand of bow they all do the same thing,I shot my first elk with a cheaper bow and it killed it just as good as my elk kill last year with a higher end bow!!
    Great article

  2. Renee Anderson

    You have to start somewhere! Not everyone can spend a fortune on a bow, so whatever it takes to get them a bow & get them into the woods is an amazing start! Once you start hunting, you get a feel of what you like & don’t like-then you can be picky on your bow brand & type. As far as I’m concerned as long as your out there in the woods you have got a great start! I’m totally a Bowtech girl though

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