Catrina’s Corner – Story of a Near Bust

Probably one of the most intense moments I have had while out hunting is probably during the 2012 season.So here is the story……. It was early muzzleloader season and the rut was just getting started. , I was sitting in the stand watching a doe and fawn feed in a clover plot, I had been watching them for about 20 minutes and the doe comes to full alert and looks to my right. I look over and here he comes, he is on a B-line straight for her.

I could tell he was wide and pretty tall and knew he was a shooter, I reached over to pick up the muzzleloader and slightly banged the barrel on the railing of the stand…..UH OH…the doe instantly turns and looks straight at me and so I freeze….meanwhile the buck is steady coming and is only about 25 yards to be broadside straight out in front of me.

My mind is racing, I can’t move cause if she sees me and takes off so will the buck. I just wait a few seconds and then the doe turns to look at him….In that millisecond I pull the gun up, get it to my shoulder and find his vitals in the crosshairs and BOOM, he ran about 45 yards and stopped, swayed back and forth a few times and hit the ground…..OMG…I was shaking so hard.

The doe and fawn never left the field until my hubby got back there with the tractor to load up my deer, they kept feeding in the plot. Anyway, here he is.

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