Cindi’s Hunting Story

I started hunting because of my amazing boyfriend introduced me to it. I’ve always been an outdoorsy woman. However I was never introduced to hunting, or knew many people who did hunt. But when I met Brandon, and I saw his passion for hunting, I couldn’t help but want to participate in it myself.


We met five years ago, and did just about everything together. I would tag along with him and his Drahthaar, Odin, on duck and grouse hunting trips in Wisconsin. I’d help with their whitetail hunts, and join along with the “guys” on outings during the season.


Because of his passion for hunting, and our love of the outdoors, we moved to Wyoming a year after meeting. This opened up so many new doors for his hunting, and my tagging along. I started by shooting shotgun, and rifle just to see if I could do it (and yes, I can…very well I might add).


Knowing that I was going to be using and be around firearms, I decided to take a hunter safety course. Which lead me to where I am today….a hunter. And a darn proud one at that.


Hunting has taught be so much, and probably more that I have yet to realize. It has made me confident. It has brought out my compassion, strength, and leadership. It has shown me the importance of practice, being ethical and honest, the appreciation of the outdoors and the importance of our natural resources. I am now able to provide for myself, and my family, and hunting is now in my blood.

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