Collect Moments, Not Things

The title truly says it all. I read that quote somewhere and thought WOW that’s exactly what I want people to understand about hunting and being outdoors. I want to drive home the message that being outdoors, hunting, and fishing is never about the harvest, the catch, or winning anything; it has and will always be about the experience, the journey, and the moments shared with friends, family, children, your pets and even the animals in nature.

The reason I want this message to be heard loud and clear is because it is the gateway message of getting more women and children into the outdoors. The beauty of the outdoors is the advertisement for the hunt or the fishing trip and luckily for us, nature has presented a dang good preview that is easy to promote. Some women may not be so willing to put on their snake boots, grab a gun, start shooting, and skin a deer, but introducing them to nature in its own simplicity will allow them to see the beauty and enjoy what it has to offer. Once the pure, genuine, beauty of nature is seen, introduction to actual hunting or fishing can begin. Watch as their eyes and hearts fill up with joy from their experiences and crave more.

Collecting moments, not things, is what we have to ensure happens in the younger generations and with dads & daughters, husbands & wives, boyfriends & girlfriends, moms & children. I cannot count the number of hunts, fishing trips, or moments outdoors that did not result in a harvest, a caught fish, or an accomplishment; but I can say with certainty that there are more moments collected than animals harvested and that is a success in my book!

There are so many moments and memories just waiting to be collected outside and so few people experiencing them. Collect the sun rising up over a beautiful field, stream, river, or mountain; collect the moment when everything awakens around you and the birds start chirping, the squirrels start scurrying, the leaves start turning, and the fog lifts; collect a rare close encounter with a bird or an owl swooping down over your heard; collect the sound of turkeys gobbling in the distance, an axis deer barking to alert, or a raccoon cleverly climbing down a tree; collect the first moment of spring as a flower blooms, the first hint of winter as a snowflake falls and every changing season from the perspective that most do not get to witness. Collect walking hand in hand with your significant other through the woods as the sun sets; collect watching your children’s eyes light up when they experience anything outdoors for the first time and watch their imagination grow.

So get outdoors and start your collection!

P.S. the tree was so big it took 2 1/2 of me to wrap around haha!

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5 comments on “Collect Moments, Not Things

  1. scott

    That was really good Candace, You know the true meaning of being outdoors.

    • Candace

      Thanks Scott! I try to convey it the best I can and let women know its not just some barbaric thing men do. There is so much to enjoy and love about being outdoors!

  2. Tom Payton

    Kindred spirits I must say! I crave the outdoors! When I’m hunting fishing or just preparing to do so is when my soul has peace! When I’m not in the outdoors, it’s all I think about. It is a passion! Cool pic with the tree BTW!

  3. Candace

    Thanks Tom! There is something about it all that does refresh the soul and that passion burns bright when you aren’t out there.

    The tree was awesome, God’s handiwork at its finest!

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