Crow Hunting

My husband and his friends have crow hunted for years & always told me how much fun it is. I always had the same opinion as I’m sure most people have when it comes to crow hunting: “Why on earth would anybody want to shoot crows?” Well, it turns out that I have been missing out on a lot of fun!

I went on my first crow hunt a couple weekends ago. We had just gotten about 10 inches of snow and I was going stir crazy from being stuck in the house, unable to get my car out. We have 8 acres of land surrounding our house & that has proven to be one of our best hunting spots, whether it is for deer, turkeys, doves, or crows.


A flock of crows had already flown in and lit in a big oak tree behind our house. We snuck out and set up by our wood line near their tree and started shooting! I shot first with a .22 mag & got two with one shot! We switched off & on using the .22 mag & our 12 gauge shotgun. The two that I shot first never fell out of the tree. The others flew off for a while, but to my surprise they kept coming back in to the same tree! My husband said that the 2 in the tree that I shot made good decoys & would keep the other crows coming in. As they flew back in we shot more & more until finally they quit coming back.


I had a lot of fun and it was a nice change from my deer stand. Not only is it a blast, it makes for great target practice and the crows left behind double as bait for predator hunting, which has also proven to be great on our 8 acres. I can see how this could get addictive. Looks like I will need to find a place to buy cheap shotgun shells!

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  1. Craig Lafleur

    Sounds like a pretty awesome time!!!

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