Danielle’s Hunting Story

My name is Danielle.i am a newly wed of six months..I met my husband two years ago…he is a big time hunter.iv always wanted for someone to not only take me hunting but to really teach me how to hunt..he took me to his hunting land we jumped on the four wheeler and that’s when I knew this was for me…

During this time, we went to his land it was dead summer and hogs were everywhere..and let me tell u owning your own land , there’s a lot of work involved.i think I really appreciated it more knowing we had to work so hard to get the “throphy”!!
Well a few months went by and I was ready I got in my stand and I saw my first ever deer walk out..my heart was pounding , I was excited yet nervous and BAM my buck fell right were I shot..I jumped outta my stand doing the happy dance screaming, BBD BBD .
Not even two days later he let me go hunting by myself ..again nervous and anxious .I got another one…I was so excited and he was so proud…so needless to say .I’m hooked…now he’s teaching me the ropes of turkey hunting…
I learned so much from hunting..it’s a lot of hard work..Its such a great feeling to get out there and be able to provide food for my family, that I worked so hard for…

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