Deer Hunting Hangover

Tis the season, it’s that time of year again! Hunting season, at least deer and most large animal, is coming to a close. Now it’s time for many of us to figure out what to focus our attention on. There’s many things you can do, and for any type of weapon you shoot.
We are big bow hunters, so our off season is still important for us. This is typically when we participate in 3D shoots, so we keep in shooting form. It’s also just great practice, and you can never get enough when bow hunting. 3D shooting keeps your eyes in tune as far as guessing yardage for your shots. It also presents practice for you by giving you many different shot options. Now you can see how you shoot when an animal’s uphill or downhill, quartering away or to you, or brush in the way. You can also see how close shots are affected, such as a target at five feet, versus the normal 20 yards. This shot will totally blow your mind, because you will find your aim is way different on a close shot such as this, not as you think you should aim! These shots do sometimes happen in nature, all wind, etc., totally in your favor. Vicki Cianciarulo showed this in her moose shot at like 5 feet away, seriously, it’s all on video!
Another thing we do in the off season is shed hunt when the time comes and we see the deer start losing antlers. We love to get on the 4 wheelers and drive in and out of brush looking for sheds. It’s so funny how you actually know the deer that they belonged to when you find them too! The best place to start for sheds is on fence lines, because when the deer’s horns are already loose, the smallest jump over the fence jars them loose, and off they come! We start there, then work our way into the property.
Other than that we fish a lot in the off season. You can’t help but want to if you’re like us, and watch the outdoors TV shows, because they switch to mostly fishing in the off season as well. It really gets you in the mood. It’s still a wonderful way to spend time with your family, and sometimes it’s nice to do something other than hunting. If you’re lucky you live close enough to some water to fish though. We’re fortunate that we have friends and family that let us come fish.
What other traditions and activities do you or your family do in the off season?

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One comment on “Deer Hunting Hangover

  1. Kenny Marsh

    I hear ya! I’ve been away from hunting for the last 5-6 years b/c I got into triathlon so heavily. During my training for Ironman Florida ’12 I could tell I was getting mentally burned out training and really began to miss hunting. This past season it became obvious my hunting skills had definitely gotten rusty. I whiffed on all my deer chances and wound up with nothing to put in the freezer. However, I’m undaunted and excited about getting back into the swing next season. I’m really wanting to buy a recurve and practice over the summer with it. Y’all’s site and Twitters are a great resource for me and I’m glad I found them! Keep ’em coming!

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