Don’t Box Me In

There are many different ways you can hunt for many types of game. I myself have hunting blinds, pop-ups, tripods, and camouflage so I can stay out in the open, or in the trees. We also hunt out of other creative antiques that have become part of the ranch.
All that know me know I pretty much hate blinds, especially really closed in ones. I prefer walking or hunting out in the open, or at least out in the trees. Tripods aren’t so bad, but you’re still penned in where you can’t move, stuck with the viewpoints you started with. I prefer being able to scout, rattle, and walk wherever I find game.
I love to walk the rim rocks of the ranch, scouting for game, either pigs, deer, or even coyotes, bobcats, fox, or other animals. I cover miles of the ranch at a time, usually guaranteeing I won’t be totally skunked, not seeing a single animal. It’s nothing for me to walk and scout such a large area that I can see 3 or 4 feeders a time from the hilltops. I won’t be able to shoot from these vantage points often, but sometimes the chance presents itself.
We also have a couple crazy antiques on the ranch that turned into hunting blinds. One is called the car body. It was a pretty hot spot until the mesquites grew up too large on that flat. Now it’s pretty much a Ringtail house. There’s also the “Stacked Tires” on “The Ball Park.” That’s 3 large stacked old tractor tires that used to be hunted out of. Now I just stand or sit by them to rattle. Then there’s the “Goat Shed,” that is still piled full of old goat poop from back in the day. That one we pretty much stand near, not in, as well.
As far as other cool hunting blind ideas, there’s actually an old combine that has been featured in many magazines, such as Texas Highways here near Doss. That’s just one of many that I’ve heard of anyways. I can’t wait to hear some of what you’ve hunted in or near, or blinds you’ve heard of.

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