Down with the Litter Bugs

I am not usually a complainer, but after a frustrating hunt this afternoon, I decided I needed to
vent about one of my pet peeves—people who drop their garbage wherever they feel like it.
The area I hunted today is fairly isolated. I have hunted the same area for three years for
turkeys, elk, and deer, and besides my husband I have never seen another hunter. I like to think
of the area as my own little hunting paradise. Unfortunately, telltale signs of previous human
presence was scattered all over my honey hole today as I explored several of the trails. I came
across a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup wrapper, a granola bar wrapper, a Tootsie Pop wrapper, a
beer bottle, and several beer cans.
While I would love to believe that I am the only person to hunt this area, the reality is that
public land will get hunted by other people. I understand this. But why do some people feel it is
their right to leave their trash anywhere they want? It baffles me. How hard is it to put a
wrapper in a pack or pocket? And how in the world are they packing in all of this beer? Beer is
not good for hydration, is heavy, and takes up a lot of pack space. And why are they drinking
beer when they are hunting in the first place? This is certainly not a safe practice…alcohol and
weapons do not make good partners. If they want to drink while they are hunting, that is their
choice, but I certainly don’t want to see the evidence when I am out trying to enjoy the
experience of being in nature.
On one hand, it frustrates and angers me that people can be so lazy that they can’t make the
small effort to pack out what they pack in. On the other hand, it saddens me that there are
people who have so little regard for the environment that they feel no qualms about turning it
into their own personal garbage dump. I wonder what goes on in their mind when they toss that
wrapper or can. Do they think it will enhance the environment or that the trash will break down
anytime soon? Frankly, I doubt they think of anything of it at all.
In the future, I am going to carry along a bag to pick up trash I find in the woods. At least I can
do something to help enhance my next outdoor experience and that of someone who might
follow me. As angry as it makes me that such action is necessary, it is a simple solution and
might even help me feel a sense of satisfaction. Mr. Litterbug might not care about my special
hunting area, but I do.

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