Eat the Way Humans Should!

On my way to work I was reading some food magazines. In “from garden to plate” a publication of Better Homes and Gardens there was a section on planting your own garden. While having a garden is a wonderful way to get fresh produce it is definitely not realistic for a lot of people. What we can learn from gardening though is what veggies and fruits are in season. I know that people don’t want to stop eating their favorite tomato salad just because it’s January but the tomatoes are just not as good as in summer months. If you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate where things grow year round you might not sympathize with that example but produce has a season no matter where you live. There was a time when people only ate what was in season because that was what was growing and there were no other options. It is really east to make a recipe delicious when everything that you put into it is fresh and at its prime. Radish, asparagus, green beans, and rhubarb are all fresh right now! You can search what is fresh on the Internet before you go out shopping and come home with some really flavorful ingredients for you favorite dishes.

And as for meat, (which is the most important for me) the hunter in me knows that when you kill a wild healthy animal it is not unlike picking a fresh vegetable. Wild animals grow up eating the proper food to keep them healthy the way a plant draws from the soil. Compared to the meat you get at the store which has hormones and other chemicals in it and comes from an animal that was not fed the proper food or raised the way it would live naturally, it is clear that a wild caught fish or a game animal killed in the wild is the “fresh” healthy choice.

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