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This year I am trying something new, trying to do more than just blend in with my surroundings, I am going to become my surroundings. With the new camo from Elusion Camo, I plan to give Mother Nature a run for her money. Elusion uses a feature called absflection technology which actually absorbs light and changes its appearance with the amount of light that has been absorbed, so it is entirely possible for the same piece of material to look two entirely different ways in a matter of minutes.
Because of this technology, no longer will you need to worry about wearing green when the leaves are still fresh and crisp on the trees, and then changing to browner colors when they begin to change, one outfit will do the trick the entire season. How cool is that, no more spending money on several sets of camo, unless you just want to.
There are three different patterns to choose from at the moment, forest ghost which closely resembles tree bark, marsh monster, which to me looks like it could be in the grassy areas or meadows, and valley vaporizer, which is a combination of leaves and ferns. There is literally a pattern that will fit into every hunting scenario you could possibly be in. I am stoked!!!
I have seen videos of guys putting on this camo and letting their dogs lose to see if they can be found and watching as their dogs pass them by, now I am not sure if that is true or now, as I was not there, and I have not set up a camera and stood in the middle of a field while turning my dog out, but if it will hide me from the deer that walk past my stands this fall, then I will be happy. I have seen it work. My husband owns a hydrographic dipping business and has used the film to dip trail cams, and bow hangers, I am impressed at how well these items disappear when covered with Elusion camo. I can only hope that I too will disappear into the woods, when I become covered from head to toe in mine.
There are many different camo companies on the marker today, and each one promises to do something the other cannot. Each one promises to have the best pattern for blending in, but Elusion is the only one I have seen first hand which allows you to not only blend in, but to Become the Woods!

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  1. Mark Thonpson

    OUTSTANDING! I own two different Elusion Camo suits. Elusion is the only camo I use now.

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