Emily’s Corner – My Life with My Best Friend

Growing up everyone has that one best friend that the friendship last a life time. I just so happen to have my best friend since the day I was born my dad! My father grew up in Homosassa FL where his brothers and he all lived off the land. My dad grew up gator hunting, Hog hunting and also fishing off the Gulf coast.

My grandpa was an amazing man who loved his family unconditionally. I always remember going to his house and seeing all the pups running around and about 5 Beagles loaded up in the dog boxes ready to get some rabbit. He did deer hunt but mostly he was a rabbit hunter and angler. He is who started me out fishing and started to get me into hunting but shortly passed away from cancer. To this day I’ll never forget when he looked at me at said “baby girl when grandpa gets better I’ll take you hunting”

When we moved in to our new house when I was around 3 or so my dad went to meet our new neighbors and who would have ever of thought from that day on they would be best friends! My neighbor randy who is more like a grandpa to me got my dad into deer hunting and for the last 17 years on opening day of Muzzle loader in NC he is in the stand! When I was around 8 or 9 I started going with them and up until I was about 14 I always sat with my dad in his blind or in his stand. We had a minor setback about 5 years ago when he was diagnosed with cancer but it hasn’t ever stopped him from going out showing me how to hunt and fish!

I’ve been fresh and saltwater fishing since the day I could walk! I use to just only fish off the bank with my dad catching bream and small cat and bass. Up until a few years ago my mom brothers both took me out on the boats and I caught my 1 st 18lb cat and several nice size stripers and I was hooked on trolling! Over the summer I fished my 1 st time out the outer banks catching everything! From sun up to sun down I was in the water catching anything from spot to skates! I hope to one day go off shore fishing it’s been my dream since I could remember! Hunting and Fishing have become my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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