Erin’s Corner – A Turkey Release, You don’t want to Miss

A turkey release you don’t want to miss

When my husband got the call to go pick up 125 turkeys to release here in Montana,we were pretty excited.The big perk of this is not only do the kids and I get to be apart of this but they get to stay the night at the house before the release,which is huge excitement for the kids.A few years back my husband released big horn sheep and they spent the night at our house, which was a little more exciting then the turkeys but they still have something to share when they go to school.
It’s amazing because when everyone shows up to help release the turkeys, it’s a huge production, newspaper and some other groups are there.But I don’t think the public realizes all the hard work that’s behind the scenes to make this happen. Lots of phone calls, planning ,paperwork..I could go on.My husband spends countless hours on the phone, then drives clear over to Nebraska to get the turkeys and brings them back the next day. So being a part of the release is just a small fraction of how huge this really is for the turkey population in Montana.
Now as all my friends and family know how much I love hunting , it’s a huge part of my life, but being a part of releasing turkeys in their new home ,is just as good as a feeling as harvesting.watching my children being a part of this event..opening the boxes,letting the turkeys fly out and go to their new home..brings a lot of emotions. I know they probably don’t realize how huge this is but one day they will.This is something you don’t get to do everyday,a family day out in nature, memories we will never forget.

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