Erin’s Corner – Dove Love

After taking a very extended break from hunting in order to start my family, which now consists of three

children (ages 16, 13 and 1), I came back with an excitement that I couldn’t contain. I applied for an all

ladies Dove hunt here in Colorado and much to my surprise was chosen to be one of four ladies to go on

a guided private land hunt!

The day started early with me kissing my husband and kids goodbye as I ventured off about an hour

south of our house. When I arrived at MVR Ranch under the porch sat a gentleman and his two lab dogs

which gladly welcomed me. Once all of the women had arrived we did introductions, including hunting

experience and a quick overview of the day’s events.

We then piled into cars and carpooled out to Black Canyon Wing & Clay club who had generously

donated their grounds to allow us to do some practice. Once we arrived we met with the owner and

several other gentlemen who would be our guides for the day. Each lady took their turn at shooting at a

target to get a feel for their guns (some of which had never shot them) and to get a few pointers. We

then headed over to the deck and took turns shooting skeet! All of the women did great and we had

tons of laughs as we learned the ropes!!

From there we headed back to MVR Ranch where we gathered on the porch under the tall shade trees

to get out of the September heat. As dusk drew near we gathered our guns and headed for the fields.

Each lady was paired with a guide and taken to different spots around the field. Almost immediately the

Doves started flying and the fun began. As dark approached we all headed back to the house and got

pointers on plucking and filleting our doves.

All and all the experience was amazing. Not only was I able to go on a one on one private land Dove

hunt but I was able to meet and make new friends along the way. This was by far the best hunt I could

have asked for to get me back in the saddle and excited. As I drove away and headed for home, all I

could think about was when and where my next hunt was going to take place!!

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