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My name is Erin and I grew up in Great Falls, MT. My dad was a hunter, would mainly hunt for deer, but it would put food on our table. I always loved being around it but I don’t think I understood the true meaning of hunting until I was doing it myself. I moved to New York for my career, but missed my Montana Life. I came back and met my husband who got me hunting. I had wanted to try a bow but he wanted me to start with rifle. So I started with rifle then after lots of successful hunts I began training and learning to bowhunt. He said I was a natural when it came to hunting. I never turned down a time to go. I lived and breathed hunting. It’s that 4am wake up call getting ready to head up to the mountains to go hunt for elk, sitting in a cold blind waiting for that deer to come in, or a hot one for a antelope! I wanted to do it all.

There were so many times when your not successful and it can tear you apart. I have crawled through mud puddles on my belly to get a shot at a elk with my bow getting so close but cant get a clear shot, sitting in a hot blind day after day to get a shot at a antelope but it just doesn’t happen. I have experienced the heartache of hunting for a moose for days, walking through grizzly country, glassing for days, and finally on that one day your losing hope and you spot that moose. I have been extremely blessed for all the animals I have harvested, from elk, antelope, deer, mountain lion ,moose and bear. But it is the experience of being out there and hunting and being one with wildlife and wild places that really matters. Harvesting an animal is just a bonus. I am one lucky girl.

I am a mother of three, who we teach about where our food comes from and how we obtain it, following traditions passed on from our parents and grandparents. I own a hair salon, where I spend a lot of my time. My clients just can’t believe when they see this girl five foot nothing in high heels everyday come home and put on her camo. I have two different worlds. I love my career but being in the mountains 10 yards from a animal that you worked so hard to get close to, you cant describe the feeling. Its a accomplishment anyone should be proud of and cannot wait for the next time out in the woods.

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  1. Kelly Westpfahl

    Love this blog. I feel the exact same way! Good job!!!

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