Exciting Hog Hunt

After 6 weeks of watching hogs devour every drop of corn we put into our feeders, and hardly seeing any deer, it was time to take action. We loaded up the truck, grabbed our blind, guns, and ammo, and we headed to the farm.

We arrived around 7pm. We pulled down along the back fence of the pasture, where one of our feeders was, and where we had been catching 6 hogs on the trail cam every night like clockwork. We parked about 130 yards away. The cows of course, thought it was feeding time, and attacked the truck. We waited until the cows cleared, about 10 minutes.

We decided we would walk down to see if there was any corn in the feeders and to set out some hog attractant. About 40 yards into walking toward the feeder, we found ourselves quickly retracing our steps! All 6 of the hogs ran out of the brush and straight to the feeder! We turned and bolted back to the truck and to grab our rifles. We each had a pistol with us, but that’s not how we wanted to take the hogs.

We made it back to the truck without being detected by the hogs. We each picked up our rifles and took aim. Within seconds, a hog dropped! Or did it? No noise was heard from the pigs, but they all scattered and vanished into the woods.

We headed down to check out the scene. There was no blood anywhere much to our disappointment. However, that usually doesn’t mean a whole lot. About 60 yards away, there she was, a 135lb sow; a grungy black razorback with a clear shot of the exit wound. No others were in sight, so that only meant one thing….I was the only one to be successful on this hog hunt!

This experience was like something straight off of TV. You know, where they turn on the camera, right before you shoot a 200’ whitetail? This is what that felt like. Something straight out of a dream. We didn’t even have the blind set up or the attractant set out. Yet, we had seen 6 targets, and taken 1. That is what I call a successful hunt!

After loading her up to take her to be weighed, the fun still wasn’t quite over. It was about a 25 mile drive to the nearest check station. Those back country roads that border the Army Corp of Engineers property and the Arkansas river, never seem to fail me when it comes to wildlife.

Passing by a low area just outside of a campground, there on the bank of the river, was a huge beaver. It was the biggest one I had seen to date. Too bad they weren’t’ in season! (They have to be trapped in Oklahoma).

Thinking that the fun and excitement was starting to wind down, I turned up the radio and let the wind roll in through the windows. All of a sudden, my husband slammed on the brakes and threw the truck in reverse. What was he thinking?! 10 feet back, the truck came to a halt. Staring back at us from 10 yards away, were 3 of the most stunning bucks I’d ever seen. Still in velvet, each 10 points, and spectacular. They stood there for almost 30 seconds before bolting into the field.

At the end of the day, we had one less hog to deal with, and a few good stories to share with my son at bedtime.
What is one of your most exciting hunting stories?

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