Expect the Unexpected

Queen April wrote a blog recently about a fishing trip that went awry. Well, things like that happen more often that we may like. I too have recently had a fishing trip that left something to be desired.

Every summer for the past few years we have ventured to our friend’s house in Rhode Island for some relaxation and shark fishing. If you follow me on twitter you may recall my excitement for this year’s trip. In past years we have always had an amazing time taking the boat out past Block Island and enticing the sharks with fresh blue fish and chum buckets. We have always had success catching something, though not always “keepers,” the time on the boat with friends is worth the trip.

Fueled by past successes and a desire for a Mako or Thresher we boarded our train out to Rhode Island. With the fishing trip set for day 3 of our vacation we golfed, sun bathed, water skied, and caught up with old friends.

Unfortunately I caught a head cold and due to the heat, late nights, and activity I was having trouble fighting it off. To add to the trouble the temperature was over 90 degrees with humidity to match. But, since vacation is just about the only time to get out in the sun we were not about to sit in the shade no matter how hot it was.

So, over-sunned, tired, sick, and maybe still recovering from the night before we set out for a day on the ocean. Being the tough girls that we are and not wanting to miss out on nor ruin the the fun we prepped for the rough drive out to our fishing spot.
At first we were energetic and excited for our first catch, scanning the water for fins and calling the sharks to the boat. I swear “here sharky, sharky” works!

But as the hours went by, the sun beat down, and my head and nose got more congested our trip became less and less enjoyable. My partner in crime (and one of the only girls I know who is willing to fish with us and put up with our guys at the same time) was declining too. So we shielded our selves from the sun and tried to force down some water. At that point I really had no interest in catching fish (so unlike me!).

Then one rod started screaming and then another. Soon, with sharks on the lines, all ill feelings were forgotten and adrenaline took over.
We only caught blue sharks that day but it was worth the struggle. After a rough and wet ride back we jumped onto solid ground and headed for the comfort of the hot tub.

When asked later that night if that would be our last fishing trip with the boys we said “No Way!”

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