Facing Fears

Growing up, hunting wasn’t something I had ever been exposed to. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I got into the sport, at the time I was nineteen. Immediately, my passion for the outdoors was awakened. Between studying and learning from my husband, I grew and evolved into a hunter in my own right.
However, for many years I didn’t hunt alone. I guess you could say I had fears. Fears of climbing, walking in the dark alone, and any other obstacle I could imagine. For instance, getting my bow hung in brush as I was pulling it up into my stand. (That happened)
All of that changed when I had a rather large buck show up on my trail camera in early bow season. I knew if I was going to get a shot at this deer I was going to have to hunt him….alone.
The first afternoon I hunted the deer (I called him Wishbone) it was Friday the 13th. I was nervous, but quickly calmed down once I got settled into my stand. I sat there for a few hours without seeing any deer movement. Just passed shooting light I heard a noise in front of me…there stood Wishbone. Ten yards away! I just didn’t feel it was enough light to make the shot. Even though I went home empty handed, I went home with so much more confidence.
I continued hunting Wishbone by myself. Each time I went it got easier for me, and I had overcome my fears. I never saw Wishbone again, but I will forever be grateful for the challenging hunts that pushed me beyond my limits.

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