First Time Fly Fishing

I love it when I get to break away from my office chair for a few minutes. I love it even more when breaking away means getting outside. So yesterday, when the incessant rain we have been having stopped for a few, my husband and I threw some poles and waders in the trunk, then headed over to the creek fishing spot. It’s always 50/50 catching something there, but when its on, it’s a BIG fish on!

Typically, I always use a spinning rod, but I got a short and sweet lesson fly fishing and tried my fresh skills for a little while whipping it across the stream. Our first spot, by a little waterfall, which we love, turned out to be too rough from the rains and we ended up moving to a calmer area a ways down stream.

I have to admit, I have the worst fly fishing skills ever, so I was easily frustrated and reverted back to my spinning real rather quickly. It felt so nice with the weather being humid, to feel the cool pressure of the stream water hitting my legs through the waders. I managed to hook something but it got off in the fast moving water. –

Regardless of our fish-less fishing trip, it was nice to just get out and wind down while winding in our lines. Anyone who says fishing is boring isn’t busy enough elsewhere in their life. It’s seriously one of the most soothing hobbies.

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