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Frogg Toggs is a company that makes various products from raingear & outerwear to wading and cooling products as well as various accessories including hats and umbrellas. I received and will be reviewing a Realtree Xtra Camo pattern waterproof jacket made for women (Women’s Pro Action Jacket)

The Frogg Toggs rain jacket is immediately appealing to the lady hunter in the new Realtree Xtra Camo pattern with only a hint of pink in the logo. There are a lot of ladies who do not like any pink in their camo and I think this is the least amount I have seen on any camo products. I personally don’t mind either way but I love the tiny pink logo because my husband and I are always hunting and traveling together so our camo clothes sometimes get mixed up. When I am in a hurry (like trying to get my rain gear on before a down pour) it’s that little bit of pink that helps me find mine in the bag of clothes!

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 9.04.12 AM The design of the jacket is perfect. There is a fully adjustable snap off hood with snap closures and drawstring that can be tucked away, an elastic waist band and wrist bands to keep water out, a front zipper closure and snap shut flap and zippered pockets. I have used Frogg Toggs in the past and was excited to see the improved reinforced seams and the added zippered pockets; when it’s raining I want to keep my hands dry too as well as my release for my bow that is buckled on my hand. Dry hands while hunting is important!

The function of the rain jacket is simple – keep me dry while hunting without a lot of noise. I was recently on a hog hunt where thunderstorms were abundant and unpredictable. The rain jacket rolls up and compacts easily into a small size and fits into my backpack for easy storage. When the rain would roll in I would grab the Frogg Togg jacket and throw it on to stay dry. The Pro Action jacket combines two non-woven materials which make it breathable, durable, and quiet. The jacket actually makes less noise when wet as the material softens. I stayed dry the entire hunt and its breathability made the heat bearable. The only part that got wet was my head but only because I was wearing a hat and once the brim was soaking wet it seeped into my hair. My husband told me I should have taken the hat off but I like not having the rain hit my face. It takes a long sit in the rain (about 2-4 hours) or a steady heavy downpour before your hat gets soaked anyway! I have a heavy camo rain jacket but because it is semi-insulated, the temperatures must be cooler for me to wear it so I always carry Frogg Toggs with me instead.

Concealment/Blending Ability:
The RealTree Xtra Camo Pattern is a great pattern that blends with nearly every brush and tree landscape. I was sitting near a river where the weeds and brush were extremely green so although the colors are contrasting the breakup still worked great. The jacket is also available in black and other colors if you choose to divert from Camo.Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 9.03.51 AM
The fit and sizes of the women’s jacket was great. I was wearing a size small and the elastic, hood, and overall fit was very good on my body. As for recommendations I would love to see some type of drawstring on the arm sleeves of the jacket. The arms are a bit wide and it would be great to be able to cinch them up to prevent any obstruction when shooting my bow. This can easily be fixed by twisting the sleeve or attaching an arm guard if you will be hunting in long periods of rain. Many hunting clothing products struggle with this and it’s a hard measurement to get to fit everyone. Another great idea I would love to see Frogg Toggs incorporate would be an extra elastic flap attached to the hood that could slip over the bill of a cap! This would eliminate the struggle to choose between wearing a hat or not and keep my hair and face from EVENTUALLY getting wet while sitting for long periods of time.

Additional Info:
A neat piece of information that I love is that all of Frogg Toggs Classic suits can be recycled. Remove the zippers and snaps or buttons and throw in your recycle bin!

Overall Impression/Price:
I would definitely recommend this product to hunters because of its durability, function, style AND it kept me dry!! Lady hunters will be pleased with the fit and the minor amount of pink in the camo pattern. Frogg Toggs is a trusted company and their prices for their quality rain gear range from $25 to $90depending on style, color, etc. Check them out at

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