Gear Matters

Women’s Hunting Apparel, Because Gear Matters

Being a woman, and short, usually come with their fair share of trials when it comes to shopping for clothes. Frequently I find that clothes that fit me in the waist are way too long in the length. If they are the right size in length, usually they are too big in the waste. I don’t know how this ALWAYS seems to happen, but it does. Shopping usually turns into more of a nightmare and disappointment than a fun day out with the girls.

As a woman hunter, this always proves to be especially challenging. Finding regular clothes to fit right is taxing, but finding hunting clothes that comes close to fitting?? Not an easy task.

This past year I was fortunate enough to finally find some that did however. After many years of wearing clothes that were 3 sizes too large and way too baggy, I stumbled across Under Armour camouflage for women. This gear fits just right and is my absolute favorite suit I own. It comes in heat gear and cold gear, so you’re covered both in the cool months and the warm. The sizes range from XS to XXL. This is wonderful for all the “odd” shaped women like me. There are other women’s camo clothing lines out there that I haven’t tried, but would like to.

I tested it out last deer season and I was fully impressed. Its pattern blended just right and kept me nicely concealed. It proved to effectively eliminate my scent and keep me warm. This gets two thumbs from me.
I have a similar problem when it comes to shoes. I have really small feet, size 6 in women’s. When searching for hunting boots, yeah, same story. However, I found a solution in Muck boots. They come in sizes just right for small feet. They are waterproof and keep my feet warm. I’ve also recently discovered a few other brands with rave reviews that I would like to try. Lady Irish Setter boots have a boot out that offers comfort and protection. SHE boots are another brand that are made by women hunters, for the lady hunter. Redhead hunting boots are a popular item and sold at many stores. Another option to consider trying would be insulated socks.

When searching for gear, it is so important to choose clothing based on the type of hunting you do, where you do it, and when you do it. The type of hunting you do will be a big factor in your wardrobe. Upland hunting of pheasant and small game requires a lot of walking, so mobility and flexibility will be very important. All that walking will keep your body warm, so you likely won’t need as much insulation as when you’re sitting in a blind waiting for deer to come to you. Duck and geese hunters spend a lot of time near water, so water repellent materials are especially important.

Temperature will be a major factor in choosing clothing. In the early hunting seasons, warmth isn’t much of a factor. Staying cool on hot afternoons is more of the problem. But as November approaches, bitter cold and snow mean keeping warm is a priority. Deer season can be very cold, so insulation is key. Thermal underwear provides an excellent base and there are numerous pants/parka/bib combinations that can keep you toasty in that deer blind. You don’t want just bulk, however, so be sure you can move around comfortably.

Most hunters spend a lot of time walking, so comfortable boots are critical. That starts before you leave the store to make sure everything fits right. This fit can be a crucial factor in how well your hunt goes. Remember, you don’t get blisters from your pants being too tight.

What is some of your favorite hunting gear?

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  1. Wow! A woman hunter! How did you end up with this kind of hobby? I know it’s exciting and challenging but i think there are more men hunters as to women hunters. How long have you been into hunting? I think it’s really difficult to find hunting clothes for women as most shops, i guess have only clothes for men.

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