“Getting Fit” for the Outdoors

As far as I’m concerned, there is way more advantages in being a modern day outdoors-woman, compared to the days when I first started hunting 30 years ago. Many people see being a woman as a disadvantage in this industry, but I clearly do not. You now have every open opportunity to make your hunt as successful as possible, regardless of the female factor.

There are now specialized clothing companies just for females, competing in all aspects such as functionality, look, appeal, fit, and made for each hunt. My favorite, for example, is Prois Hunting Apparel. They have highly trained professionals that wear and field test their clothing under all adverse conditions, just to show and prove the effectiveness of each article. This is far greater an advantage than when I started years ago, sagging around in men’s camo, way oversized, and not tapered to fit a woman’s body at all. This totally decreased the functionality because you were fighting long sleeves that interfered with you shot opportunity, long legs that tripped you and demolished your chances of a quiet stalk, and all that extra room that allowed the cold to infiltrate in deeper, instead of keep you warm. Then, worst of all, try to go back to the time where you needed women’s hunting boots, and all you had were men’s! Pain! Blisters! Not happy feet means not a happy trip to the stand or stalking. No wonder I couldn’t convince more of my female friends “This is so awesome, and you need to try it!” LOL, now I understand!

The next biggest advantage is the equipment available nowadays. What I wouldn’t have given for the opportunity to be “fit” for a rifle, shotgun, or bow! By “fit” I mean the exact length and weight of the rifle or shotgun, what color you want, getting to shoot one to see if you can handle the power or “kick” known as recoil, as well as the caliber. You can choose a scope that’s comfortable for you and correct for your rifle too. There are many looks and styles. Then you select the appropriate ammunition for the rifle and type you’ve chosen. Then, it’s off to the target range!

There’s also the “fit” of the bow, which concerns MANY factors. These range from length of your axle to axle measurement, which can make your shot a lot less forgiving, to your brace height, the appropriate peep site height, the length of your draw, and the pound of your draw. While these all sound intimidating to people, they are nothing to fear. The RIGHT bow tech can fit you almost instantly by just measuring starting at your arm length. Then you find a comfortable release to try the bows out. Then they figure a correct starting draw weight, and then you pull back some appropriate bows. When you find a comfortable one, then the fun starts because they alter it to fit JUST YOU! How cool is that? It’s like a custom tailored suit just for you, but it’s an entire shooting compound bow! This is the same, target or hunting bow. That’s when you pull back and they mark your peep site location. Then after selecting a rest you like and a stabilizer, they cut arrows to fit your exact set-up. All you have to do is SHOW UP!!!

Now, for those of you that haven’t already, what are you waiting for? Get out there and “GET FIT” for some fun! Send us some comments and pictures of you “GETTING FIT” or shooting. We want to know what you liked and didn’t like, and why. Send us some feedback so we can share it with other women and children!

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