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Yes I am a self proclaimed Girly Tomboy! My favorite colors are Camo and turquoise! Which makes perfect sense cause I love the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and the water! I like to express my love for both the outdoors and the ocean with my clothing and accessories! I really try and find unique stuff but sometimes it can be challenging. I want what I wear to express who I am and what I like to do. It’s a whole different kind of hunt…..a hunt for fashionable apparel that expresses my love for hunting and the outdoors!

Google Camo shorts, heels, purses or bikinis….. There is not a whole lot of stylish everyday Camouflage clothing to choose from! Nautical is a way easier look to achieve. Living on the coast I have found many unique boutiques and shops that carry nautical themed clothes and accessories. If only it could be that easy for my outdoor look I sometimes feel like sporting. Camo and outdoorsy is a bit harder to find to complete the look. Maybe a third of what is out there to buy I actually like and would wear. Aside from tee shirts there are not to many places to find stylish camp clothing that doesn’t have a big name brand all over it. I am just talking fashionable Camo right now not hunting, functional women’s clothes for the field. Don’t get me wrong I love my hunting tees but sometimes I need something camouflage that will look good with heels! There are all sorts of fashionable men’s shorts and tees that have Camo prints on them……hello fashion industry…..ladies like Camo too 🙂

Lets talk nails…….I do have the camouflage toe nail polish technique down! Get a brown base color and then layer drops of greens and blacks and there you have it Camo toenails! There is just something about having your toenails painted that makes a girl feel pretty! Yes i have my girly moments especially with clothing but where I fall short is the makeup and hair. I don’t always have time for make up and to fix my hair…. It is usually an after thought. A great substitute for washing your hair is dry shampoo. Most of them are heavily scented so I will use baby powder instead. If you are hunting you can use the scent free powder you get at outdoor stores, it works great. Just sprinkle some onto your roots, rub in, and you look like you washed your hair. Sometimes we don’t always have the opportunity to shower on hunts. The scent free powder is a must for me!

The hunt for good fitting women’s hunting appeal is another whole blog and thoughts in itself! It is next to impossible to find some pants right now, everyone is out of stock! Do you ladies know of any websites for neat Camo gear or outdoor inspired clothing? I’m looking for a cute pair of Camo colored heels or wedges, please help me out you fashion forward hunters! As far as hunting, functional field clothing goes I am also looking for a pair of good Camo pants to wear in the field hunting, like in a a Real Tree Max1 Camo pattern. I am open to suggestion…. Help please 🙂

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  1. Cristy

    Thank you for giving away your technique for camp toe nails. I will be trying that soon!

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