Go Fish!

I am lucky enough to be able to work for myself and my husband does the same, therefore we get to make our own schedules. It leaves a lot of flexibility to squeeze in some outdoor fun time in the middle of the work week whenever we have downtime. One place we enjoy taking the family and our fish and ski boat is Beltzville State Park. The lake is a is a popular fishing destination where, if the fishing gods are on your side, you can catch bass, trout, walleye, perch, and muskies. The park also allows hunting and there are about 15 miles worth of hiking trails.

Typically, fishing is under the main priority of just getting away from our computers and relaxing, so I’ve never been a serious angler here. This would probably explain why I never catch anything here! However, on this particular trip, I got to have a ball throwing out lures and watching my two year old little girl frantically reel it in hoping to catch a fish. I remember many spring and summer days hanging out with my dad fishing, they are some of the best memories I have of him during my childhood. He taught me a lot pretty young, and enough of it stuck with me that I will now be able to teach my little girl some of his tips and tricks.

I think it is important to have traditions in the outdoors to pass down to younger generations, even if its as simple as casting out a line for a half hour before dinner. Those will be memories they will have that didn’t involve an electronic device consuming their brain cells and hopefully be a catalyst for a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment.

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