Grizzly Cooler – Product Review

I received my pink Grizzly 16 quart cooler last week in the mail. I was excited as I opened it. Its color is very eye appealing and its design is very sleek. It arrived just in time as we were planning a fishing trip this weekend.

After using the cooler for a 12 hour day and leaving it out in the 100 degree Oklahoma weather with 100% humidity for 3 days, I am rating this cooler based on design, ease of use, performance.

The design of this cooler is very aesthetically pleasing. It is clean and sharp. It is constructed of thick plastic and foam for durability and superior insulation and a thick rubber gasket ensures a perfect seal every time. This also attributes to its ice retention capabilities. Its seal is completely impermeable to weather and rodents. Cleaning the unit when you are done is a snap. This cooler weighs in at 11.5lbs. It is able to hold 20 12-ounce cans or 10 20-ounce bottles. The Grizzly 16 has inside dimensions of 14.5 inches wide, 6.5 inches deep and 11 inches high. It is just the right size if you do not want your cooler taking up too much space on a boat, atv, or in a vehicle.

Ease of use
This cooler is equipped with its standard two carrying handles, shoulder strap and divider. I figured since it weighed close to 20lbs loaded with ice and drinks that it might prove to be a little on the heavy side. However, I was mistaken. The shoulder straps are nicely padded and distributed the weight so that it didn’t cause any discomfort. It proved easy to take the Grizzly 16 anywhere.

Being used to refilling the cooler with ice halfway through the day, I was quite impressed when 10 hours into our day, the drinks were still nice and cold and there were no signs of ice melting. The website claims that the Grizzly 16 can retain ice for 4 days and 5 hours. However, testing it in normal circumstances with kids getting in and out of it during the entire day, I found that covering the bottom ice and normal use on 100 degree days, I managed to get a little less than 4 days of use out of the ice.

Overall, I must admit, this thing get good ice mileage. With its extremely rugged, heavy-duty construction, this cooler is the ultimate accessory to your long-term adventures. It might be a little on the expensive side ($230 + tax), but if you’re an avid outdoor person it is definitely worth the price. Heavy duty latches, hinges and lid make this a well rounded cooler that will last you a lifetime. Each cooler comes with a lifetime guarantee which will ensure that you can pass this cooler down for generation.

The bottom line is, the Grizzly 16 performs and performs well. I have finally found a brand that can take the abuse of fishing, kids, and Oklahoma weather. And the best part is, it’s made right here in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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  1. Laurie

    Sounds great. Pink is a great color!

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