Handling Anti-Hunters

We’ve all been there before…the awkward and sometimes heated, but almost always unavoidable conversation with people who hate our very passion. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that how we handle these situations will determine the future of our sport. Here are some tips that you might find helpful the next time you find it difficult to hold your tongue.

Know your stuff. Without education, a debate is pointless and will resort to emotions. Many opposers truly don’t know the reasons hunting is needed, and think it’s done purely for ‘sport’.

Bring up these key points:
-Human over-development has entrenched on wild game habitat, and if the population is left un-managed, many will starve to death.
-Hunting is far more humane than the meat industry, and is 100% organic. Unless you’re a vegetarian, there is really no valid argument.
-Hunters are the largest contributors to conservation, paying for programs that benefit all Americans and wildlife. Many private organizations, large and small, are working to sustain and improve the quality of our natural resources.

The future of hunting really does depend on the opposition’s perception of us, so above all else, be respectful. Also explain the different ways we exhibit respect
towards the game we hunt. This is a foreign concept to most anti-hunters. Most perceive us to be ruthless, selfish killers…and it is imperative that we change
that. Bring up these key points:
-The reason we strive to harvest larger animals (‘Trophy Hunting’) is because they are the most mature and have lived a full life (unlike those in the meat
-We dedicate an immense amount of time and physical effort to take a clean shot, ensuring the quickest death for the animal (unlike those killed by natural
predators or in the meat industry).
-We strive to waste nothing, just as the Indians did. Harvesting an animal is a blessing that enables us to feed our families, and saving the antlers for taxidermy
is a way of remembering that blessing.

Agree to Disagree
When it comes down to it, even the healthiest of debates will rarely change the mind of an anti-hunter. It is important to remember that our goal should be more
about educating and less about winning. You may not walk away agreeing…but as long as they have a better understanding of who we are and what we stand
for, you have done your job.

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3 comments on “Handling Anti-Hunters

  1. Well said Megan, We look forward to more of your post.

  2. Nena

    It is always hard dealing with people who feel the need to criticize hunting! I have friends that do not hunt and I have had to defend it several times…..You are right, it is not likely you will change their minds but there is always that chance they may see things in a different light!

  3. Candace

    Well said. There will always be those against us & sometimes no matter how much education & respect you provide some people are solely out to create chaos. I have learned that sometimes silence is the best answer because many are not listening but just waiting to speak. Comments and discussion that are uneducated are best left untouched because they are just seeking an argument to promote & advertise themselves. Luckily we have a very supportive community who will stand up for each other (for the most part) & be proud without tearing others down. Hunt on!

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