Hog Wild Weekend #2

I was blessed to have another weekend of hog hunting to follow the first hog wild weekend. Going back to where we were married again to hunt 2 weekends in a row was beyond words. This time we knew what to expect; knew the hogs pattern a little bit, the sound of them swimming across the river and we were hoping for more success. This time my dachshund Muzzy was coming along as well!
All the hogs were coming out after dark and the first night my husband shot a big boar. He wasn’t too happy with the shot and had a feeling he would still be alive but wounded. We set off on our blood trail into the brush finding good blood. We tracked for about 45 minute but the trail was getting slim. It was time to bring in Muzzy.
Muzzy had helped us track deer, was the star of my blog ‘Foxxy Doxie’ when he took down a fox, and enjoyed my ‘Sunday Squirrely Surprise’ but hogs were always a little more on the dangerous side for such a small dog. I vowed to keep him on an extremely short leash and stay very close to prevent any encounters with an angry, wounded hog. Muzzy got on the first spot of blood and was off. He covered our tracks plus triple the amount in 10 minutes. He found a piece of the arrow that broke off and as we crossed under one fence and then another, we heard some movement in the brush.
Unfortunately,this brush was extremely thick and over 5 feet tall in a large area. Muzzy wanted to go in, but we knew the danger involved of going into that thick of brush with him or even ourselves, especially at night, with a wounded boar. No hog is worth injury or loss of our dog. We backed out, called it a night but was grateful that Muzzy had another tracking experience under his paws. We even tried again the next morning but came up short, even though he followed the blood trail again.
The following evening hunt was more successful. As usual the hogs came out after dark and I launched an arrow into a small group at the largest boar. It was about a 35 yard shot and I watched as my arrow hit. As they scattered I saw my boar slowly walk into the field and lay down. I was pumped! I waited a while to see if any other hogs were coming in and then made my way out of the blind to check my downed hog.
As I was walking closer to my hog I noticed a small group of hogs coming my way and they had closed the distance to about 40 yards. I had to get out of the open field!! As I moved away from the boar I had shot (I knew they were coming to him and I didn’t want to get caught in that mess) I sought cover at a nearby tree. As I finally got into position to draw they had moved down wind of me and were high tailing it out of there. They knew something was up and just wanted out. I didn’t get a chance to launch another arrow but the whole thing had my heart racing!
As I checked my phone for updates from my husband I was ecstatic to see his text that he had a boar down too! Another two-fer hog weekend!! I stalked back to my blind to pack up and load up the hogs. Although these hogs were a little smaller (mine weighed in at 72 lbs) it was still another hog wild weekend with two boars down and recovered and a great tracking experience for Muzzy! Another great weekend in my book!!

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  1. Tom Payton

    Cool stuff Candace! Can’t wait for my first hog hunt this summer. Tryin to put something together in NC!

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