Hunting Happy Meal

“How awesome would it be if fast food burgers were made of venison or other wild game instead of beef?”

That one sentence was what I tweeted to my awesome followers on Twitter that sparked a very fun conversation that I had to blog about. Was it really that far-out of an idea? There are some restaurants that serve wild game, but what if we started replacing beef with venison or other wild game? Thus began the tweet whirlwind that inspired me. So humor me for a little while as I tell you about some of the responses.

It started with “instead of Mickey D’s we would go to McBackstraps” followed by “I want a 4 piece meal from KFTC (Kentucky Fried Thunder Chicken)”, “I’ll have the Osceola turkey pot pie”, “I’ll take a Buck Mac with duck fat fries and a sweet tea”, a McQuackin (duck breast sandwich), with Special Golden Estrus Shake”, and so many more that were so imaginative and fun! After a lot of discussion a whole restaurant developed tentatively named CamoCandace’s Cookin’!

Sometimes you would have to wait a little longer while a hunter or huntress went out to harvest a fresh meal and someone even recommended only being open from sunset to sunrise so I could hunt the rest of the time! I guess it would be late night meals only! The menu options would vary based on the hunting seasons from venison burgers, to turkey items, bacon wrapped quail and dove, hog burgers and so much more. The best part however, is the hunting happy meal! Each meal not only comes with your choice of meal, but the toy inside will be based on the hunting season in session. Right now in spring you would get face paint and either a blue or pink turkey call! When deer season rolls around you might find a buck grunt call and some doe estrus (properly sealed of course to not contaminate the food). Predator calls, face masks, and other hunting necessities would be part of the toy collection! Collect them all!

Fridays would be special and are Fish Fridays with fresh caught trout, redfish, bass or any other fresh fish! Hooks and lures would accompany the hunting happy meal to suit the angler’s needs! All hunting happy meals would be delivered in camo bags, what do ya think! Of course we wouldn’t forget the veggies of maybe some roasted, fried okra or a big ol side of onion rings!

Although this was a fun and entertaining conversation on twitter it could be something in reality. It would take a lot of mind-changing in our world today (and some help from the health inspectors and FDA) but the benefits could be awesome! With most wild game being extremely low in fat and cholesterol it might be a game changer with the health of America on the line…maybe my twitter followers and I are on to something!

Thanks to all of you who participated in this fun conversation with me and Thank You for all of your support for the Queens of Camo and women hunters everywhere.

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2 comments on “Hunting Happy Meal

  1. Steve

    2 Thumbs up on the read….2 thumbs down for the Golden Estrus Shake!! HAHAHA

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