Huntress for LIFE

This past year I received such an awesome gift from my Grandfather, he is the backbone to my families hunting heritage and the one who took me out on my very first hunt. His gift was a lifetime hunting license.

Now if you would have asked me 10 years ago what I thought about getting a lifetime hunting license for my 24th birthday, I would have looked at you like you couldn’t be have any more crazy! I never imagined being a huntress or the significance of carrying a license that lasts your entire lifetime. It not only saves you money if you plan on hunting the rest of your life but it saves you the hassle of renewing your license every year. Of course you still have to purchase your tags for deer, turkey, etc.

A lifetime hunting license here in Kansas only costs you about $450.00 but depending on the state you live in the prices will probably vary. Another great reason to invest in a lifetime hunting license if you’re an avid hunter is because they may not always be available to purchase or if you ever move out of the state you can always come back and hunt as a resident.

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