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This weeks’ article is in response to a reader question from Karen in Georgia. Her question reads:

“Hi Sherri I was wondering what your favorite stand is to hunt out of? Mine is a climber because I love to be able to change trees. I was just wondering if any other women liked using a climber or what their favorite stands are.”

Great question Karen! Personally, I have used climbers before and they are perfect for when you want the option of changing locations. The more permanent tree stand/ladder stands are also beneficial when you are consistently hunting a particular deer that is routinely spotted in the area, that way there is less movement and disturbance in the area. I have also used pop-up ground blinds, lay down blinds (for hunting ducks and geese) and even the occasional make-shift branch blind in a pinch.

In my opinion, I think that as long as you like your style of stand and it works for what you are hunting, then that is all that matters. A stand that you don’t feel comfortable in isn’t going to make you want to go hunting. You want something that you will feel confident sitting in and hunting from. It is also extremely handy to have friends who hunt from different styles of stands. That way, you can try out a variety of options prior to purchasing one, rather than just going to a sporting goods store and picking up this week’s “on sale” stand.

The type of hunting you are planning to do will also have a factor in the type of stand you hunt from. Tree stands and climbers are great for bear, deer, and even elk. Whereas for antelope or turkey, a pop up blind is the more effective choice. Geese and ducks can be hunted from bale style blinds with flip-up tops or from lay-down blinds. In some situations a blind isn’t even needed, simply finding cover in cat tails or high grass is sufficient for hunting waterfowl. So there are several factors to consider and maybe more than one purchase to make when deciding on what stand or blind is right for you.

As for my “favorite” stand to hunt out of, I love the rush of bear hunting from a tree stand. I think part of that is the safety factor of it too, it gives a bit more piece of mind than being on ground level with them. Black bears can be very curious and I’ve had them come in quite close before. (One even climbed right up underneath my foot rest once!) At least from a tree stand you have a better view and ‎the likelihood of surprises diminishes!

When it boils right down to it, I guess that all stands, climbers, pop up blinds, ground blinds, and even brush blinds, all rank the same when it comes to picking a favorite. I have not only taken some great trophies from a variety of stands, I have also gotten some amazing wildlife pictures that I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten had I not been out doing what I love. Being in a stand and watching the sunrise, or seeing 2 bucks fighting are just some of the many experiences that descriptions nor pictures can do any justice to unless you witness it yourself.

One more thing I’d like to add in for safety’s sake is the importance of using a harness when hunting from a climber or tree stand. As confident as you may feel using your stand, even if‎ some time has passed without incident; it only takes one mis-step in a moment of excitement to cause a life changing fall.
As with all hunting accessories, there are a wide variety of harnesses on the market today and not an item worth cheaping out on!

I’d like to thank Karen for her question. If anyone else would like to send in a question, I’d love to hear from you! Just send me an email at and I’ll try to get your question up on the page soon.‎

Photo: This is the stand I was in when I got my 2007 Thompson, Manitoba – Fall Black Bear

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