Inner Savage

Dear Inner Savage,

I am woman.

I am sometimes girly, sensitive, emotional, and passionate.

I am never completely weak, forgotten or dependent.

I stifle the inner beast during most days and present a polished and put together woman.

I hold back the burning passion of the wild, untamed instincts that seek expulsion.

I journey past the roads and signs into a state of nature.

I become primal, physically, emotionally, mentally.

I am rustic, rugged, natural, and fundamental.

I begin to release the intense, unbroken woman that is hidden on most days.

I allow the ancient, archaic, ferocious tendencies within to consume me.

I am unmodified, unrestrained, unspoiled, and perfect in this moment.

I become the savage that is within my soul.

I seek to hunt, gather, explore, harvest, and refresh.

I am the woods.

I am woman.


My Inner Savage

Jul 23, 2013 | Category: Blog | Comments: 3


3 comments on “Inner Savage

  1. Wonderful poetry, Eloquent and visceral. LOVED it!

  2. Candace

    Thanks Bradley! I am glad you enjoyed it and its makes me so happy to know that my ‘attempt’ at poetry was well received. I just write from the heart and soul on how I feel about being in the outdoors

  3. Jeannett

    That was wonderful Candace!

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