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I’m not much of a writer but I’m great at telling my stories and experiences out in the field of waterfowl hunting. Now that I’ve only really focused on duck hunting and not much on goose hunting. It’s not that I’ve never wanted to, I’ve never really had the chance to get a great shot at them and I’m not the one to sky bust and waste ammo so I pass on many geese. Well one morning myself and a fellow huntress went out to a pretty well know public spot that I have normally had great luck with ducks, mostly teal. Well I guess you can say we got “skunked” not literally that’s just the term we use here when don’t shoot anything. But we didn’t let that bring us down we were just happy to be out and watch a awesome sunrise.
We start packing up and start to head back and that’s when I see a goose flying pretty low and slow like as if it was supposed to come towards us so I happen to have shells in my pocket and I load my gun and aim and shoot and it folded landed literally right night to me! I was stoked seeing that it was the first goose I ever shot and how perfect the timing was and how calm I reacted when I took the shot at it, normally I cant control my breathing cause of the excitement but I just felt so confident about the whole thing. and was so thankful to have a younger fellow huntress to see the whole thing go down.
now me being a novice hunter still, I have to remind myself that patience is the key for hunting. I waited two years to harvest my first Aleutian goose and it was worth the wait. I myself have a lot to learn still about the hunting community and every positive and negative that comes with it and even more so with being a women hunter. Im lucky enough to live some where where the whole community supports women hunters its a blessing to have so many supporters behind me for stepping out of most comfort zones for women.
I think that if your a women who wants to hunt do it and don’t let anyone tell you cant cause you can! it can be nerve racking at first but its one of the most powerful feelings know that you can provide for you or your family. I don’t know where id be in life if hunting wasn’t apart of it. its more than just a “hobby, or a sport”, its a life style.

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