Janiyah’s Hunting Story

My name is Janiyah and I have also wanted to go hunting while I was little, but I never had anybody to take. Hunting has always been a very interesting sport for someone to do. Three years ago I met the love of my life, who just so happened to be really into hunting. He taught me everything I needed to know when it came to hunting. Every time I hunt, it is a great adventure for me.

I got into hunting because, as I said before, it was always an interesting sport to me. My boyfriend was so happy to hear that I was interested in the sport, that he started to teach me everything right away. After all the long mornings and afternoons of sitting in my tree stand, it became even more interesting to me. This pass hunting season that passed, something great happened to me, that didn’t have the first two seasons because I was still learning. I killed my first deer this pass season, yayy me!

Hunting has taught me multiple things. One thing it has taught me is to always try new things and have fun. I also learned to always know what lies beyond the target before you shoot. One should always identify their target before shooting. Last thing I learned is always be aware of other hunters location. In other words everyone should always be SAFE!!!

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