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I recently became Team Leader of a hunting team and have the privilege of working with some really great sponsors. One of those is archery innovations. Archery innovations is the creator of the anchor sight. If you have not heard of this I am not surprised, most people hunt with a peep sight, I myself was guilty of this until a few short weeks ago. The peep sight has been the standard in bow hunting for as long as I have been hunting and I am sure as long as many of you have been hunting as well. It is the way we were taught, it is the way the person who taught us to shoot was taught, and I am going to guess and say it was the way the person who taught them was taught as well.
The peep sight worked great for me, I harvest quite a few whitetail while using it, but as I have gotten older I have noticed that is just is not as easy. My eye sight has gotten poor, and I cannot see as well as I did in my younger years, not that I am old mind you, I refuse to age, but I now wear bifocals, and seeing in the dusk or low light hours are not as easy as they used to be, especially if I am squinting through a 1/4″ hole. That is where the anchor sight has saved me. This bow anchor sight mounts on your bow, takes the peep sight away and allows you to keep your eyes open, allowing full light in. How great is that!
You simply mount the anchor sight to your bow behind your sight and close to your riser. In fact you want it nearly touching it. It has cross hairs and a dot that you line up. The great thing, once the dot is lined up in the cross hairs you also know that you are holding the correct form, so not only are you lining yourself up you are practicing good form. I know I have a tendency to torque when I shoot, but no more. Once you line your cross hairs you simply line your sight pin up on the target and shoot, it is that simple. Yes, you have to get used to shooting with both eyes, but it is not as hard as it sounds. I was slinging arrows down range and hitting the target after about 4, and actually hitting my intended target after 6. With my peep alone it would have taken me twice or three times that many.
You are also able to adjust the cross hairs and dot bigger or smaller for your liking, almost like a rifle scope. It does not interfere with bifocals, and you may even be able to do away with your glasses in some instances. I have even shot with my contacts and had no problems, I am sure excited for hunting season to come around so I can actually try it in the woods and not just my backyard. I know this is going to change the way I hunt tremendously. They come in either black or camo, but since we own a hydrographic dipping business, mine is pink to match my bow. I honestly believe this little gadget is going to revolutionize the way we bow hunt, it may take a while to catch one, but once it does, there will be no stopping it.

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