Keep the Wild in Your Heart

The piercing wind and horizontal rain bit into me. The cliffy slopes that I now stood above had robbed my legs of their spring. The biggest theft of all, however, was of the view. The weatherman had lied to me again, and the mountain storm had crowded into my goat basin. Sitting in the fog, I knew I had been defeated that day, but I vowed I would be back.

Growing up in the Canadian Rockies, I’ve become used to the adversities that are a part of high-mountain living. From fond memories while tagging along with my dad, to daily meals on the table, hunting and outdoor activities have always been a big part of my life. The passion for pursuing game, and the enjoyment that time in the wild provides, has inspired me to make it a main focus in my life.

I am truly blessed with the opportunity to hunt many species virtually at my doorstep. From majestic sheep and goats, to rutting elk and valley bottom whitetails, I am in a hunter’s paradise. I also strive to take full advantage of outdoor opportunities outside of my home valley. Stone sheep and mountain caribou are in the plans, coastal fishing trips are a family tradition, and prairie mule deer are truly a favorite.

I want to invite all of you along as I write about my adventures in the west. I plan to not only entertain you with exciting stories, but also engage you with knowledge and insight that I have learned from living in the Rocky Mountains. More than just an account of the events, I want you to live the hunt, feel the emotion, learn my trials, and gain the same passion that I feel.

Keep the wild in your heart.

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10 comments on “Keep the Wild in Your Heart

  1. Laura

    A true huntress, loving the outdoors and the animals you hunt!
    You are so inspiring! Can’t wait to read more !

  2. Wow! Not only inspirational, but also a great read! Being part of the Canadian Rockies as well, you have enlightened me to continue my journey and develop myself into the huntress I’ve have always wanted to be! Thank you for taking your experiences and motivating me to pursue my future dreams!

  3. Gina Larsen

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the next one!

  4. keith larsen

    Congratulations on your blog ! Looking forward to you sharing your stories of the great outdoors and the incredible area we live in.

  5. Adele Borys

    Erica I am so proud of you. Not only do you have the heart for this sport but the beauty to go with it. Who wouldn’t want to follow you. I look forward to reading more of your blogs!

  6. Erica Forsyth

    Thank you everyone for the kind words. Keep an eye on Queens of Camo as there are more blogs to follow shortly. 🙂

  7. bob

    the smile on your face is relaxed, and shows a love of the outdoors. great to see you are willing to share the experience.

  8. Danita

    Congratulations Erica!
    It’s really a great accomplishment.

    All the best in your future adventures, be safe and happy hunting. Great blog!


  9. Jamie

    Beautifully written blog by an even more beautiful hunter. Keep them coming.

  10. Hannah

    Fantastic blog Erica! Your passion for hunting is truly inspiring, even to a non-hunter such as myself. I look forward to reading of your adventures!

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