Keeping Busy in the Off Season

As hunting season gets closer and we all start to prepare, I have been thinking about the things we do in the off season. I know there are people who lock up camp only to return the next season but for those of us who enjoy camp year round, the off season is a busy time.

Of course since fishing is a passion of mine I spend many weekends on the water, but there is work to be done as well.
The fields need to be mowed, grass and clover need to be planted, the stands and cabins need to be fixed up. Around our property there is one task that is never ending and that is tending the fire. Winter, spring, Summer, Fall if we are at the property there is a fire going somewhere.
During the winter this year we acquired a new piece of land to add to our existing property. The land has an amazingly beautiful hand made log cabin on it built with logs from our property. The only thing missing? An outdoor fire pit.
We take fires and fire pits very seriously in my family. My Dad is pretty much a pyromaniac and my mom is an expert on “exterior design.” So the placement of a fire pit is not as straight forward as you might think. By the time we have picked the right spot, found the right rocks (yes there are right and wrong rocks), dug a pit, and had a test fire, 2 days can go by in the blink of an eye.
While building the fire pit in this picture we realized that at any given time we have the ability to have 10 fires going at once!
So when hunting season is over sit down for a bit and think about a list of fun projects to keep you busy. One of the best parts about camp is that there is always something to do!
My next off season project? A log cabin style smoke house!

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