Kelly’s Product Review – C’mere Deer Corn Coat

The end of deer season always prompts the thoughts of “next” season, the oncoming and yet to be season. One thing that’s always talked about at our house is attracting the deer throughout the off season and finding a plan to “keep” them coming around and possibly even fattening them up a bit. After the rut, when the does are bred, we normally put corn out, as well as other grains to aid them throughout the cold, harsh winters when food is more scarce. A deer attractant that I think is just awesome is C’mere Deer Corn Coat – Powerful Deer Attractant System.

Corn Coat is a must have hunting product and will definitely attract deer to your area. It’s easy to use and smells WONDERFUL! It mixes easily with a 50 lb bag of corn or grain and has a sweet smell. In my opinion it’s the best attractant on the market. Corn Coat contains C’mere Deer’s F5 blend of field tested attractants and is highly effective.

The first time we tried Corn Coat we were hooked. We put it out with our 50 lbs of corn and boy were we impressed. We already had several does hanging out regularly but within 24 hours our game camera had over 700 pictures on it and the corn AND Corn Coat was almost completely gone. They LOVED it!

The one thing I really like about this product is that once you put it out there for the deer you will notice an increase of consumption almost immediately.

It’s hard to keep it on hand at the house but because of the reasonable price, we normally stock up. There are many attractants on the market that are expensive and just don’t do the job. Corn Coat, as far I am concerned, is the best product out there for the best price.

We follow up by making sure our games cameras are ready to go each time we put out the attractant because you can bet your camera will be going off. Its fun knowing that you’re going to have a plethora of pictures each time you put out more Corn Coat.

Not only does C’mere Deer guarantee result…I do too! If you want a product that will not only SMELL awesome but will definitely bring in the deer…Corn Coat is the one!!!!

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