Kelly’s Product Review – Stealth Cam SD

Everyone has certain things that are permanent fixtures in their hunting bag. Those things we just can’t live without when heading out to the woods. In my first review in my new “Hunting Gear Must Haves” series, I am going to heavily BRAG on a cool new “must have” that I recently “picked up” and consider to be just one of those products. This little gem is the Stealth Cam SD Card Reader/Viewer.

All of us have experienced going out to sit in our stand and having our game camera right there by where we’re going to hunt. Normally what I do is grab the SD card out first and then when I get back to the house after hunting, I put my card in the computer and check the pictures. How cool would it be, whilst waiting for a deer to come along, to sit up there and view your deer pics BEFORE you get home…VERY COOL! The Stealth Cam SD Card Reader/Viewer is the one you need…and lucky for me, I now own one.

The reader/viewer is about the size of a Droid Turbo 2 and easily fits into your hunting bag. It’s got a 4.3 inch screen making it extremely easy to view pictures in any lighting situation. It comes in a durable case with a fancy little wrist strap so in case you don’t feel like dragging your fanny pack along with you, you don’t have to. Just tie it to you belt loop, stick it in your pocket and go. It’s just that simple.

I am a simple person and I like simplicity when it comes to products…especially my hunting gear. The Stealth Cam SD Reader/Viewer is just about as “uncomplicated” as you can imagine. The on/off button is on the top along with just four arrows on the front to help navigate you through the menu to not only view your game camera pics but also your videos. The reader/viewer comes with an SD card slot, USB port, and Audio/TV jack, making sd card viewing a breeze.

Another great selling point on this product is the clarity of the pictures. I’ve had game cameras in the past where the pictures are just mediocre when it comes to photo crispness. The Stealth Cam’s photos AND videos are in perfect focus and turn out really clear. One other feature, that goes along as well, is the fact that you can view the photos and videos and then DELETE them right then and there. There is nothing more aggravating than spending valuable time at the computer trying to delete everything from the card so that you can walk out and put it back in your camera. And then somehow, some way, pictures from way back when are still on the card. I’ve actually had old pictures that I thought were new and I’d gotten excited over a buck that had in fact already been “dirt napped.” Go figure.

There are several readers and viewers on the market. However, that being said, my opinion is that none are as affordable or dependable as the Stealth Cam Reader/Viewer. I’ve tried a lot of products out there and I HIGHLY recommend The Stealth Cam Reader/Viewer and hope you’ll want to give it a try and see just EXACTLY why I think it’s a “must have.”

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