Krista’s Hunting Story

Hi I am Krista Koontz. I got I’m to hunting at the age of 3. My dad took me out for the first time and I have loved it ever since. It has taught me a lot. I have learned the meaning of don’t waste anything if it can be used us it. I have also learned the meaning of family my father, my mother, and me fun it has been a bonding experience for my family.
I have learned to cook many meals using all typed of meat I have harvested during hunting seasons. I was brought up around all boys. It taught me that I can do anything a boy can sometimes even better. Hurting to be is more than going out and killing an animal. Its about providing for my family.
I can honestly say hunting has brought my family closer together. It has taught me a lot about respect of a firearm, respect of animals, and respect of all wildlife. Hunting to me has made me the person I am today. I love it because I know where my food has came from and how it was processed. I had 2 major foot surgeries and still managed to go hunting with the help of my dad.
Thanks u Krista

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