Lessons I Have Learned in the Wilderness

I was fortunate enough this weekend to spend 4 days in the wilderness with my parents. I have been fortunate to have many days like these and over the past 24 years I have learned so much about life, the wild, and myself.
When I was young I learned how to build a fire, how to be safe with guns, how to canoe, and how to set up a tent. This weekend I learned how to do “twigging” and how to evaluate dropping a tree with a chainsaw. I am very close with both of my parents and I think that my time spent in the wilderness with them over the course of my life.
My relationship with my grandparents has also been shaped by my summers spent with them at their cabin. My sisters and I would spend nights together in the bunk house. It was only 5 or 6 feet from the main house but it felt like we were on our own. It was experiences like this that taught me to be independent and how to take care of my sisters.
I spent many summers as a camper and staff member at a camp in the Adirondacks. The camp has no electricity and no running water. I learned how to whittle, start a fire without a match, and take responsibility for others in the wilderness. This was also my first experience with wilderness first aid and cooking outdoors.
These two experiences would shape the rest of my life. I went on to get my wilderness first aid certificate and develop aspirations to get my EMT certificate. I also enrolled in culinary school and took my passion to the next level.
Because of my time in the wilderness I understand the value of hard work and the power of nature. I know that there are more important things in the world than technology. I have a love for the wilderness and for myself. I am confident and strong. My life long relationship with the wild has shaped my entire life.
As a woman I know that the lessons that my children learn in the wilderness will be invaluable. I hope that more women encourage their kids to explore and embrace the wild. It will not only better their lives but it could help strengthen your relationship with them as well as their confidence in themselves.

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  1. Tom Payton

    Awesome Hannah! I like you have been shaped for life by my early experiences in life. Good stuff!

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