Lessons Learned

The more active, and the more activities I am involved in tend to run across the occasion mishap while out and about. Some are mere learning curves and others are from over confidence which can sometimes lead to careless mistakes. I have had my handful of mishaps hunting, fishing, and well in life in general. I have always been a very active person even as a child and have had broken bones, stitches, etc. The following are of few of my lessons learned pertaining to some of my outdoor adventures.

So here goes the hunting mishaps! I had a few frustrating ones with my bow the last few years getting started. I have hit the blind being so nervous taking a shot. It sends our arrow all crazy and catawampus from where you intended it to go. To make things worse the animal you were hunting laughs at you as it runs off. I have also had my string hit my jacket. Now I pay better attention of where I am sitting in blinds and of sticks and clearance. I also found vest to be a good solution to bulky jackets. With the moderate falls here a vest is often all you need for warmth and it leaves your arms free from extra bulk. If you do have to wear a jacket twist the sleeve tight around your arm and it will stay clear. My last bow mishap to share is that I have sliced my fingers changing out broad heads. That’s a messy one! I bought a tool to assist with changing them out, that fixed that problem!

Now lets move on to gun mishaps. When shooting my handguns I have had the slide pinch my hand. This is caused by improperly holding it, you will only do it a few times before you will change your grip to the proper position. Sometimes I get excited and have broken nails and had my fingers squished reloading my Benelli. I get in a hurry occasionaly with excitement Duck hunting when you have ducks flying in and my fingers are cold and every once in a while they get pinched. My Benelli love bites are what I like to call those! Still on the subject of guns, I guess I am going to have to disclose one of my more embarrassing mishaps! Let me give you a hint… It has to do with a scope and the outcome is stitches. Yes, Sir I have scoped my forehead hunting with a rifle. I am part of the half moon forehead scar club. I call it my 30-06 scar and it is dead center in my forehead. I got the mangy coyote I was shooting at if that counts for anything, but I also got a hunk of my face! Now that’s a mistake that will only happen once!

We are all human and far from perfect! It is in our nature to make mistakes. There is nothing wrong with making the occasional mistake. Embrace what goes wrong, roll with the punches and most of all learn from your mistakes. When you learn from what you’ve done wrong they are no longer mistakes and then just learning tools to better yourself with! I like to believe scars are what give you character!

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  1. Tom Payton

    Haha I have the forehead scar! We all make mistakes! It’s what we do with them that matters! Thanks for sharing!

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