Let’s Make Up

Referring back to an older blog I wrote called ‘Don’t Hate, Congratulate’ I have been seeing and hearing some insanely rude comments that specifically target women hunters. I understand why anti-hunting organizations target hunters (I obviously don’t agree) but I will never understand why people feel the need to tear down others within our own hunting community. On top of that I cannot fathom why women hunters seek out opportunities to bully and ridicule other women hunters. Why can’t we support each other, learn from each other, and be gracious for others driving forward in the world of hunting.
A specific instance has sparked this fire and I am referring to women hunters who wear make-up while In the field. I fall into this category, sometimes. For instance, when its hot and the sun is out my make-up contains SPF and actually protects my face; I don’t usually wear heavy make-up in general so my usage at home or in the field is light, but WHY DOES IT MATTER?
There was a picture on Facebook of a lovely woman who had harvested a black bear with a compound bow; this is an amazing accomplishment for any hunter, much less a bow hunter. Congratulations should be the only thing she should hear with maybe questions of more details of how the hunt unfolded. Instead however, were comments about her make-up; things such as ‘I wonder if she put her make-up on after she killed the bear’. There were other comments sticking up for her but there is no reason to put her down for wearing make-up. I can’t remember her name, but congratulations and good for you for looking great while getting it done.
Without referencing the specific female hunter in my previous paragraph with my next comments, let me move on. Unfortunately women are judged by how they look more than men, some care more about how others perceive them, and there isn’t any fault in that. Some women feel more confident in their make-up, some still want to feel girly when they are ‘roughing it’ in the field, some may have skin concerns, birthmarks they want covered, or like me, make-up helps protect my face from the sun and a little coverage in the winter helps prevent windburn. Maybe some women have been bullied or made fun of when they don’t have make-up on, maybe their eyebrows are so fair or thin without make-up they are non-existent, or they grew up in a home where women wore make-up all the time. Whatever the reason is, it shouldn’t and doesn’t matter. Maybe, just maybe, women just want to wear make-up in whatever they are doing and where is the harm in that?
Besides all of that, it’s a woman’s choice if she wants to get up a few minutes earlier before the hunt to put on a little make-up, fix her hair, or find camouflage that actually fits and doesn’t look and feel like she is wearing trash bag. These things do not make a woman more or less of a hunter in any way and shouldn’t be used to judge her skills, experience, or take away from any harvest or hunting adventure.
On the flip side there are a lot of women out there who don’t wear make-up while hunting or in the field; this is great too and these women shouldn’t face any judgement or crude comments either because they look different without make-up on or their hair is a mess. Like I said earlier sometimes I wear make-up and sometimes I don’t. I enjoy the days when I don’t feel the need to put any on and it’s more acceptable than being at work without it; it is one less thing to worry about, my face is free, and it’s just me and nature.
I would like to finish up by saying that I understand when anyone puts themselves out there in a photo or video on the Internet, there are no filters; judgements and opinions are to be expected, jealously and hatred will ignite, and we must have thick skin to handle these remarks. My concern is that these misdirected feelings are from our own hunting community who should be building each other up instead of tearing us down.
Finally, I would love to know which women choose to you wear or not wear make-up in the field and why. We can always learn from each other and every tip can help us and others better understand women hunters.

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12 comments on “Let’s Make Up

  1. Lerrin

    Candace, I love this blog! Society as a whole is entirely too judgemental. I love wearing make-up ( no I don’t go over board, just a quick layer to protect my face) As you know I spend a lot of my time out in the elements checking hunters. Whether I’m hunting or working the 1-2 minutes is worth the effort. But at the same time there are days where I love not wearing anything on my face! But we all know we are all judgmental creatures, I hope we call all make an effort to not judge others and to accept them as they are!

    • Candace

      Thanks Lerrin. And yes with your job in the field it is definitely something to think about. The SPF is must when in the sun or out in the water. Just a few minutes makes a difference. Glad you enjoyed the read!

  2. Yes, I do wear makeup in the field… Eye makeup! Why? well because I find at the age of 46yrs I’m not appealing as a younger woman. Just like how God made birds… males have the beautiful coloring & the females look a little colorless. And if I do get a Buck or Doe down, I’d like to look lively in the pics. Lets face it, makeup helps with confidence, I feel like I can conquer the world with makeup, If I look good, I feel good! and who says you can’t? I haven’t had a problem with hunting deer with makeup… In fact, I think it attracts them! πŸ˜‰

    • Candace

      Thanks Faith and great reference to the birds. It’s no secret we are judged more on our looks. I appreciate you confirming why women choose to wear makeup in the field. It is a bit of a confidence booster and I have pictures huning where I don’t have on make up and I would have liked to lol ‘livelier’. That was the perfect word! Keep rocking the make up in the field and maybe you have a point. Maybe the bucks like us to look pretty hahaha!

  3. Jason

    If you spook a deer because of the mango cucumber hand lotion and your fruity hairspray smell so strong, then you’re wearing too much…stuff.

    If you’re still baggin’ game with your female war-paint on, I’m not sure what difference it makes.

    I will say that for most women, less is more. I wish more chicks understood that. πŸ˜‰

    • Candace

      Thanks Jason! I love hearing guys opinions and input. You make a good point about the strong smelling lotion,hair spray & body spray. Everything in moderation for sure. I know I have my travel size unscented lotion but as far as perfume and stuff that doesn’t go into the field. To each their own as long as it doesn’t interfere with your hunting! And I love the ‘female war paint’ comment! Make up and camo face paint will do the trick if you want it! If not that’s cool too!

  4. Jason

    If you spook a deer because of the mango cucumber hand lotion and your fruity hairspray smell so strong, then you’re wearing too much…stuff.

    If you’re still baggin’ game with your female war-paint on, I’m not sure what difference it makes.

    Though I will say that for most women, less is more. I wish more chicks understood that. πŸ˜‰

  5. First of all let me say that its great to have activists for the female hunters out there, this is an incredibly important thing you are doing.
    Secondly, regarding make-up in the field. I dont get why any female hunter would receive anything but unrelenting support from the community. Hunting is about confidence, it is not for the meek or the second guessers. Confidence not only in your skills, your knoeldge or your preparations but confidence in yourself. If make-up helps any huntress to feel beautiful and confident in herself then why should she refrain?
    Is it vain? Maybe in a rather convoluted manner, but the same could be said for anyone on this vast internet who posts a picture of them with their latest takedown. We post pictures to show our pride in what we have accomplished. If a huntress feels that she wants to put some on and pose with her takedown then why judge? What makes anyone else any better?
    Thirdly, hunting shouldnt just be considered a masculine act. Throughout all of history its proven that women can hunt. Why not allow their femininity to show through at a time when they feel most connected to nature? The egyptians wore makeup all the time, natives wore war paint. Its a show not only to others in the tribe tjat you are a part of the community but also have your head in tje fame, youre focused and driven. Introducing a little femininity to hunting might be exactly what the sport needs, or else we run the risl of driving away the ones we love most.
    Girly or not, why not look good?

  6. Candace

    Wow. What a great response. I wish women didn’t have to face obstacles like something so meaningless as makeup but its there. You make great points too about the war paint in the tribes and so forth. Never really thought about that part of it so thank you for opening my eyes to that. The hunting community is coming around and excepting women more each day and I am thankful for that. Hopefully your views and open mindedness will spill over into the future generations. The worst part is some of the comments about makeup are from women to women and I’m not sure i understand that other than normal female drama πŸ™‚

  7. Dick Magruder

    If y’all want to wear makeup so be it in my opinion. I prefer to see women, non huntress & huntress’s with no make up. But if y’all feel ya need it go for it. And even if y’all put it on after the kill so what. That is y’alls business. Their are haters out there for everyone no matter who ya are. Whether they are jealous of your kills or the fact that y’all have the guts to go into the woods, i don’t know but I do they have no right to try to bring y’all down. I say God Bless y’all & I pray he bless’s ya’s with many more successful hunts!!
    God Bless

    • Candace

      Thanks for the response! That’s basically it. There shouldn’t even be a debate right? Women are strong and will make their own decisions haha, so if its make up or something else hopefully it will be accepted in this wonderful world of hunting and we can all move on to something else. And as you said nobody has the right to bring anyone else down. Great comment!!

  8. Nena

    I sometimes wear makeup in the field, both cosmetics and “war paint”. It really just depends on my mood etc. If it is an afternoon or mid day hunt I usually have it on. The early morning hunts I pass on puting my face on because I’m usually half asleep or running out of time to get to the blind. I’m a girl so of course I wear makeup, ha ha! This was a great topic of conversation Candace! I enjoyed the read and everyones commentary!

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