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My father introduced me to my first BB gun when I was four. From there, I graduated to a 12 gauge. As soon as I took my hunters safety, I began hunting coyotes with my dad. Being a daughter of a cattle rancher, you realize hunting certain animals isn’t a hobby, it is vitally important or our whole stock could be wiped out over night.
I first began hunting coyotes with my Dad. Hunting to us, was not a hobby, it was helping my father make a living for our family, so our family could eat, and we could also feed yours. If we did’t hunt the coyotes, they would kill all of our baby calves. We also grow corn for the cattle to eat, that raccoons constantly try to eat. Hunting both animals kept our cattle operation afloat.
From there I met my husband, Jared. He’s a Staff Sargent (about to be promoted to tech Sergeant) in the United States Airforce. He loves the fact that I love to hunt, and fish, as not many women do! We fish all the spare time we get. Our son Charlie (age 5) also fishes with us, and is hunting deer with us this year. It’s important to teach younger generations to hunt and fish as I believe it brings you closer together and teaches children about life, and God.
There is nothing better than bringing home dinner, from food that God provided us with. Hunting is not always about bringing home a kill, either. Spending time deep in a forest listening and observing mother nature and Gods creations is really a gift in itself.
I love hunting, and being out in the woods, if I can inspire anyone else to become a loyal, respectful, hunter, I’ve done my job.
Thank you for reading my hunting story.

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2 comments on “Lisa’s Corner – The Colorado Huntress

  1. Catrina Quenon

    Great story, always love hearing about fellow huntresses.

  2. Kelsey

    You are lucky to have learned early on how important hunting (predator and prey) is! It is awesome that you are passing down the tradition and knowledge of hunting to your son! We need more women like you in this country.

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