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It was a beautiful summer day at Lake Raystown as I’m fishing off a boat with my parents and boyfriend. I was looking forward to this fishing trip all summer and I just couldn’t wait to get on the water and fish! A few weeks before the trip, I went to Cabelas and bought a brand new $50 fishing rod that I fell in love with. With all the excitement built up, I couldn’t wait to get onto the water and catch some fish. The fishing was very slow in the beginning and my family wasn’t very familiar with the area, so it was hard to catch fish at first. It seemed like all I was catching was just a bunch of seaweed. After a couple of hours the fish started biting hard, and I was getting pumped up. Although, to my surprise after I took the next cast the other half of my fishing rod flew off into the water. The rod was about 20ft into the water and holding on by the fishing line. We weren’t sure how we were going to get it, so my boyfriend came up with a “genius” plan. He said to cut the line and the rod will float. I didn’t agree with him at first, and I said it wasn’t a good idea. But at that point I didn’t know what else I could possibly do. Well, once again women are ALWAYS RIGHT… Next thing you know, the line was cut and my brand new fishing rod goes under the water. I was so furious at the point, so my boyfriend said he would attempt to dive under and look for it in 20ft deep water. I told him he was nuts, but he did it anyway! After a few hours we had no luck finding the rod so I gave up and just used the remaining half of my rod. (Boy was that a site to see!) After all this commotion our day had almost come to an end, and we were packing up the gear. Next, I go to pick up my rod and guess what happened next? My reel was broken completely in half, Yes in HALF! At this point I couldn’t do anything but giggle at the crazy day we had. I realized that my rod will never be useful and I just wasted $50, but the memories I made that day were priceless and I will NEVER forget them. Being in the outdoors is truly the best therapy for anyone. It can turn the worst of times into the best. Some of the best memories in life are made when you are enjoying the outdoors and spending time with the people you love.

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  1. Chris Enns

    if your rod ever comes apart again… just reel it back in. This has happened to my kids a few times.

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