Love the One You’re With

There is no experience more primal, isolating, and alone than hunting. i think it is the silence and the stillness that set it apart from other solitary activities. It is a feeling unlike any other to be so quiet and still, every part of our lives today requires us to be the opposite.

At first it can be very uncomfortable ant foreign but with time it begins to feel natural and right. Becoming an insignificant part of nature is something only a hunter understands. I find it funny that we as hunters seem to choose our closest and most dear companions to join us and to break our alone time when we come back to camp. Maybe funny isn’t the right word, but it is telling that we share our selves with nature and we share nature with those we love the most.

Maybe that vulnerability of hunting makes us yearn for our safest companions. I think it is fitting really, you should love the ones you’re hunting with. Not only will you spend time alone with them; eating, sleeping, cooking, drinking, talking, and learning but also stinking, laughing, working, pranking, and passing time. I think i will coin the phrase “hunter’s bond”. Whether or not you have hunted with a person the common experience of hunting allows for an immediate connection.

The campfires, meals, mishaps, success, failure, and camaraderie are all understood. I hope that as the Queens of Camo continue to grow and succeed that we will encourage more women to go hunting and share in the “hunter’s bond”. I can think of nothing better than an amazing group of women on a hunting trip having the time of our lives.

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  1. Tom Payton

    Great song title as well. Great advise

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