Magical Marlin Moment in Cabo

Two years ago in June 2011 my honeymoon trip to Cabo San Lucas for Marlin fishing became a reality. There were so many other adventures during that trip but the Marlin fishing trumped them all. We woke up early to get to the docks before sunrise, loaded up on the boat and got our bait and licenses. As we made our way into the beautiful ocean, we watched the breathtaking sunrise and our anticipation kept building for the adventure ahead. We helped the deckhand bait the hooks and throw out the lines and begin the trolling process.

We watched some flying fish as they skimmed the water,and even had a few moments where we could see striped marlin right on the top of the water but they just weren’t biting. They would throw the bait right in front of them and they would swim right to it, duck under it and swim off. What was going on? My heart was sinking as 7 hours of trolling in rough seas continued with the same disheartening results. It was an 8 hour trip and I was running out of time. With 10 minutes left of the trip the deckhand had reeled in all but 2 outriggers as we began turning to head back and all but given up hope.

At the very last possible moment one of the reels started screaming and peeling off line and my heart began racing. Could there be a marlin on the end of the line or would it be a small tuna and whatever it was could we get it reeled in without losing it? We were short on time so the deck hand helped me reel the fish in while my husband was recording every second of the excitement. As the deckhand horsed the pole backwards I would reel furiously down. It seemed like forever but when the fish got close the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in the water occurred. My striped marlin leapt out of the water in front of me with a magical aerial display that will be forever engrained in my mind. Please don’t break my line, please don’t snap the pole, just let me get this massive fish to the boat for pictures!

As the fish came closer I was ready to grab the leader, take pictures, and release the fish; however unbeknownst to me, the crew had different intentions. Most fishing trips like this are a catch and release style which I am completely ok with. To my surprise the deckhand took the necessary actions to bring the fish on board safely to take back to the dock. My jaw dropped as this massive fish was brought on board that I had fought and reeled in. As soon as the fish was landed we began heading back to the dock as fast as possible! They hoisted the marlin flag to signal our catch to the other boats and people at the dock.

As we unloaded the striped marlin and took his measurements and pictures I was overwhelmed. My Striped Marlin was 120 lbs and 8 feet 4 inches long and my smile was a million miles long. This was a dream come true for me and to share it with my husband was perfect. We were also thrilled to donate all of the meat to the locals to ensure it didn’t go to waste. We didn’t have the means to bring the meat back, nor had we planned on it, so I was satisfied with the end result of harvesting a fish to feed the community. This marlin has been my biggest fish ever caught to date! (and don’t worry we went out on another fishing trip during our honeymoon and my husband caught 2 large tuna, so he wasn’t left out haha)

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  1. Tom Payton

    Cool !! Glad you had that experience! Sounds like a blast!

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