Meet Ashlee – Australia’s Newest Queen of Camo

My names Ashlee and I’m from Victoria, Australia. I’m currently 23 and am a farm manager and a mum to a little 6 month old boy.

I started hunting at the age of 15 going up with friends. I started out stalking then became more interested in hunting on the hounds. It slowly turned into a family affair with my dad and 2 younger brothers joining me most weekends. My second or 3rd season of hound hunting I shot my first deer with my dad and brother being there. I quickly learned that it’s not about what you get or how the dogs hunt it’s all about who shares the experience with you.
I’ve noticed over the years watching the sport evolve more and more women are getting interested in the sport.
In 2014 I was lucky enough to be able to be apart of the first wild women’s calendar over here in Australia which SOLD OUT!! It was such an amazing experience to meet other girls with the same interests and we all still talk and see each other to this day ! It proved to Australia that we women can hunt just as well as anyone else and that just because we’re mums or wife’s or girlfriends that we still should be asked to come because you never know we might love it 🙂
Being a mum now I have found it to be such an amazing getaway for the family and it’s such great time we get to spend together. My partner wasn’t a hunter before we met now he gets to go more than me !! And he absolutely loves it. I can’t wait for my son to be old enough to run around up the bush and hunt with his mummy. I think this is a dream that a lot of huntress have.
All I have to say to other women that enjoy hunting and the outdoors is don’t listen to anyone, there are men out there that with criticize you no matter whether you shoot a massive stag or a little doe there will always be someone with something to say. As long as your enjoying yourself is the main thing and please please remember it’s not the size of the trophy that really matters in the end it’s the experience of the hunt and the people you get to share the experience with. Also photos are just as rewarding as shooting the actual animal 🙂

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