Meet Catrina – A Tennessee Huntress

First off, a little about myself. I am from West Tennessee and have lived in Gibson County my entire life. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 22 years, a mother of 4 wonderful children, and a nurse. Growing up, my dad and grandpa were avid hunters. My dad tried when I was a child to get me into hunting but I really didn’t have any interest but when I got married at 18 years old that all changed. My husband was a self taught hunter and was really just getting started learning when we were married. As I saw the excitement in his eyes grow year after year it sparked something in me that made me want to see what the “fuss” was all about. I went with him a few times and was hooked. He taught me everything I know about hunting, from scent control to field dressing and everything in between. After we were married about 3 years we bought a 60 acre farm and had our first child. We put everything we had into working up our land to be a haven for deer, from food plots to clearing fields and creating brush piles for bedding. We are both so passionate for hunting and work great as a team. As I said earlier we have 4 children, our oldest daughter, now 19 years old, got her first deer at age 9 and is now attending UT Knoxville to become a game warden, our second daughter, 14 years old got her first deer (a doe) at age 12, and this year our youngest daughter, 10 years old, got her first deer. With our first two daughters, my husband had the pleasure of taking them for their first harvests, but this year it was my turn. I have never been more excited and proud to be with her when she harvested her buck. It has truly been the highlight of my hunting career.
For the future: My goals are to harvest a deer with my bow, I have taken several with my Muzzleloader and rifle but have never had any success with archery. Also, I am looking forward to taking my 4 year old son hunting when he gets old enough.

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4 comments on “Meet Catrina – A Tennessee Huntress

  1. Sherri

    I love that your whole family hunts together. You are all making such great memories!!

  2. Tara Wagner

    Love that you have a goal to take a deer with your bow. It’s an awesome feeling. Such a greater challenge and getting your kids involved is terrific.

  3. Laura Ziller

    So glad there is another Tennessee huntress out there & the whole family hunts! Reminds me of my own family 🙂

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