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My name is Courtney, I have been born and raised in Louisiana my entire life. I have an amazing 8 year old son whom just shot his first deer all by himself on the exact same property I killed my first, one of the most amazing experiences ever! I just graduated college this December majoring in Environmental Science, so I am still on a high from that itself. I am lover of hunting and fishing woman and have my entire life since I can remember considering I have four brothers to keep up with.

This season is my first bow hunting experience and I have to say wow I have been missing now, nothing can explain the thrill of bow hunting, indescribable. I have been blessed to hunt in many different states including Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Maryland. But, I would have to say the craziest experience I have had hunting was in Ballanger, Texas at a ranch my family use to sublease.

Myself being from Louisiana, hunting in Texas was an experience like no other. From the size of the deer the deer to the population numbers. I have always felt that thought amongst anywhere else I have hunted Louisiana is the hardest to hunt from my point of view. The doe population in Texas particularly the county I hunted was over run with does. Brings me back to one particular hunt when I was hunting out of a box stand in a big open field. I am usually a in the woods, climber kind of hunter. I had gotten up in the stand around 1 pm . Shortly after, the farm hand had come on a tractor and dispersed corn throughout the field.

I could still see the tractor driving away when all of a sudden to my left and right a stamped of does come from woods behind me as though a dinner bell had gone off for the deer. When I say there must have been 200 does in that field that afternoon I’m not joking. Even though I was hunting for bucks at the time, we were also there to assist ranch owner in population control due to over run of does. In the end, I shot three does that even hunt.

Every time I would lay one down they would all scatter then within seconds stamped back out like nothing had happen trying to get to that corn. That was one of the craziest hunting experiences I have had considering I am from Lousiana and I can sit in stand 3-4 times sometimes without seeing anything. Of course I have many other hunting stories and experiences as I have grown as a hunter. Hope you enjoy my story and the little bit I have told you about myself. Thanks for your time

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  1. Catrina Quenon

    Wow, sounds like Texas was an experience. Louisiana sounds a lot like Tennessee in that you can hunt days in end without seeing a single deer.

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