Meet Desiree – Rhode Island Mother, Country Girl, Huntress

My names Desiree. I’m from a small town in Rhode Island. I grew up on a private dirt road, with a pond in my back yard. Every chance I had, I was outside getting dirty, fishing, riding quads. So you could say i was born and raised a country girl. I first started hunting with my long time boyfriend Andrew. Since I was younger, it was my dream to be a hunter. I’ve since hunted for pheasant, duck, goose, coyote, and deer. Theres just something about being in the woods, the sounds, smells, that can turn any bad day around. Or the days when you wake up extra early to sit in a stand, only to see a nice buck cross your path. The feeling you get in your heart as you watch him walk by, pounding so hard you feel like he can hear it. whether or not you can get a shot, that feeling of adrenaline is addicting. Or waiting in a blind, decoys set out and having ducks fly in, while using a call and hoping they don’t notice you. Those are a few things I like about hunting. But you know, it’s not all about getting out there and seeing anything. Its a hobby I enjoy with my friends and family, being able to have game dinners with delicious food we all hunted and to be able to say ” I know where my meat came from”, sharing experiences with each other, the good and the bad, lots of laughs. That’s why I do it. I will never apologize for being a hunter. I’ve recently started working in construction as a carpenter and have made things to show my love of hunting, one of them being an awesome shotgun table. I mean cmom, who wouldn’t want one?! My daughter thinks it’s pretty cool as well. And I will continue to raise her, the way I was raised. Shes my hunting buddy and best friend and that right there is parenting done right.

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5 comments on “Meet Desiree – Rhode Island Mother, Country Girl, Huntress

  1. Catrina Quenon

    Awesome story, I was able to take my 10yo daughter this year and she got her first buck ever. There’s just no better bonding than sitting together hunting!

  2. Kelsey

    It is such an awesome feeling, knowing where you meal has come from and putting in the time and effort of harvesting it yourself! I have such a respect for you, as a huntress and a mother! This nation needs more moms like you! 🙂

  3. Erin loecker

    Awesome story so nice to see other moms share their passion with their kids!

  4. I have children too and I love to teach them stuff about hunting. Its such a great experience and its awesome taking your children and teaching them things about the beautiful outdoors.

  5. Kelly Westpfahl

    I believe all children should learn to hunt. Good job, Mom!

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